Welcome Stonks Ambassadors!
June 29, 2021
Members Rule. Hedgies Drool.

Welcome to the Stonks Ambassador Program!

Our goal is be the largest Financial Platform in the industry that is solely dictated by you, the members of Stonks Trading. In order to reach our 2021 goal of 50k Stonks Ambassadors, we need your help!

Ambassador Program:

  • 25% Profit Sharing with all our Ambassadors!
  • Free access to all Stonks Platforms: Banking, Trading, Portfolio Management, Crypto, ETC. 
  • $5/mo for every referral
  • Margin on Trading: 3.75%
  • Early Bird Pricing - Never experience a pricing increase as we introduce more financial products. 
  • Exclusive Member events with thought leaders in crypto, stocks, finance, technology, etc. 
  • Other perks  
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Chidera Nwokoro

Am so excited for this launching can't wait

Just wondering how long before the actual platform launches ... super excited!!

Ok signed up as an ambassador so how do I get a link to refer people?

Robert Nordland

Ambassadors get the 5 free stocks also right?

Stonks Trading

Yes sir!

Hey Anthony, That email you just pushed out didn’t have an email at the bottom. It just said, “insert email here”.

It is also not very obvious how to sign up for the ambassador program. Maybe state that’s what the join now button is for.

Stonks Trading

Tyler - thanks for the feedback! I will for sure add it to the email.

Randall Mccarty

I’m in!

Stonks Trading


Robert Chambers

Thank you

Skyler Rogers

Hey Anthony, had some questions for you.

I signed up a while back on Wefunder and I was curious how that will interact with the Ambassador program your now running, also where could I find more of an informational break down of what being involved in the investment and ambassador aspects of Stonks will bring.

Christopher Douglas

Can’t wait till app opens up

Matthew Sumpter

Can you clarify pricing? The Wefunder page show that there will be a $7/month charge for trading accounts. Is this still the plan? Do Ambassadors get this for free?

Secondly, you mention that ambassadors get free access to all Stonks platforms, but also that pricing will never increase. Can you clarify what this means and what ambassadors may have to pay for in the future.

I'm looking to sign up some ambassadors, but want to make sure that I am clear on how it works.


Stonks Trading

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the questions.

1. Ambassadors do not pay the $7/mo fee for trading. Your ambassador membership covers any additional charges for services/products...including the $7/mo for trading.

2. Stonks ambassadors will have access to all platforms, free of charge (this is also included in your membership). Further, as the platform grows so will our pricing. However, ambassadors will never experience those price increases in the future.

I hope that clears up some questions! Let me know if I can help with anything else.


Esad Bojkovic


Joined!! 🚀🦍

Alexander Clarence McIntosh

Done and done Hooray!

Christina Amicangioli

Here we go!!!
3...2..1. 🚀

Steven Bachman

Tear it up brother!!

Less goooooo!

I'll put Stonks for my vanity plate when my Cyber Truck makes it to me!!! Perfect fit!! To the Moon Baby !!!

Keep on STONKING 🚀🚀🚀💯

Kevin Parrish

Off we go..

All signed up and ready to go to the moon!

Trent Bottolfsen

All in, team. GET IT!

Brian Bussard

Let’s Goooooo! Stonks to the Moon!!!

Robert Vining

Rockin Roll


Here we go

Kyle Commerford

I am signed up and ready to head to the moon

Keith Vinglinsky

Count me in!


Justin Everitt

Let’s go!!!! 🚀🚀🚀

All signed up

Stonks Trading

Yeah Boi!!

Demetrious Monroe

I’m in….to the moon

Stonks Trading

Yes sir!! Stonks Baby!

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